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CareerAdvantage: Not Just for the Job Seeker

You’re attending AIHce but you’re perfectly happy with your job and where you’re at in your career. So you can just bypass the whole CareerAdvantage area in the HUB, right? I mean, that’s all about job seekers and making yourself look better for new opportunities, so what’s there for me?

You’d be surprised!

While it’s true that the primary focus of the CareerAdvantage Development Fair is for those seeking employment or a change of pace on their job, it can be beneficial for you, the happy IH with a great job. Here are three reasons why you might want to consider stopping by or even attend one of their sessions.

Leverage your networking muscle. Employers who are at the fair are looking for their next great employee – and you may just know the perfect match. Find out what the latest openings are and what they entail – you might be surprised to know someone in your network who would be perfect for the job. Helping out a peer or a mentee in this way doesn’t just feel good, it also elevates you as someone “in the know” within your community, which may open doors for you down the road when you’re the one looking for that next great job.

Polishing the resume strengthens your current job. When you hear “resume” and “interview” it’s usually in the context of a job search. But did you realize that just by updating or polishing your own resume by looking over your job description, you can position yourself better for the future? By referring back to your job description, you’ll often see goals or opportunities you’ve missed or forgotten about, or accomplishments and achievements that really mattered. This can be helpful when reviews come up at your job. Plus, it’s always a good idea to stay current on the new ways resumes are being done, because you might need to help a peer or mentee with theirs – or find yourself in a position where you need to review some close candidates for a job in your department.

The interview is a job conversation. Internal promotions, reviews, press contacts, and even site visits and investigations all utilize some form of the interview process. Stay fresh in the art of the interview conversation and you’ll be ready for similar circumstances when they arrive. Plus, doing mock interviews at the fair has the added bonus of helping you review your own job accomplishments and opportunities, just like the resume process.

Even though the CareerAdvantage Development Fair is for those looking for the next great job opportunity, there are hidden gems in those conversations for the established IH. And if you can’t do a mock interview or don’t have a resume to review, consider attending the Career Portfolio session on Monday, June 5 at 1 PM. Gain some great insight regarding how to organize and prepare a portfolio of accomplishments to support your career success in job-hunting, employee evaluations, and promotions.

AIHce 2017 EXP, held in Seattle, Washington June 4-7, is the EXPerience of the year for IH and OEHS professionals across the country. You’ll be exposed to the latest trends, needs, and research impacting worker health with experiential education sessions, networking opportunities with like-minded professionals, and the tools you need to solve your workplace challenges. This highly-rated event also offers a robust virtual experience for those that want to reap the benefits of conference without the travel. To learn more, visit


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