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Jordan Is Excited for Her First AIHce EXP!

We plan AIHce with all levels of IH career paths in mind, which is why we’re always excited to have students of all ages attending the conference. If you are further along in your career path, you should meet our IH Heroes. In this post, we interviewed Jordan, who’s excited to attend her very first AIHce.

Her goals for this conference are centered on networking and augmenting her knowledge base as she prepares for graduate school. She is also interested in making professional connections that will hopefully blossom into a mentoring relationship as she looks to develop her career pathway.

What are you currently studying? 

I’m in the process of looking into grad school, either for a law degree or an MPH. I did just complete my OSHA 10 certificate, which is pretty amazing. I feel like I’m finally making progress in my career.

Why did you decide this is the best year to attend AIHce?

Charles, a mentor of mine at work, recommended I come this year because I finally feel like this is what I want to do for my career. So why not join others in the profession and really see what the future holds?

Which sessions are you hoping to attend at the conference this year? How did you pick those?

Most of the sessions I selected are centered around the career in general, with a focus on leadership. Plus, there are some practical sessions, like applying for the CIH Exam – which I’ll be doing in a few years – that I felt had some professional information that I needed to know.

I’m super-excited to go to the “Worst Plant” Virtual Audit, as I’ve heard nothing but great things about that course.

Who are you looking forward to meeting during the conference?

I’m really looking forward to meeting some other young professionals, maybe look into a couple of committees. I know I’m definitely going to try to get hooked into the mentorship program, too. Really, I just want to connect with other “newbies” so I don’t look completely out of place.

What's been the best piece of advice you've gotten about attending AIHce?

Don’t be afraid to approach people! Really, I hear that a lot from other colleagues about this conference. You only get out of it what you’re willing to put in, so I plan on stepping outside my own box and getting involved as much as I can!

Are you a student who is attending AIHce for the first time? We hope this post answered your questions and we can’t wait to meet you in June!

AIHce 2017 EXP, held in Seattle, Washington June 4-7, is the EXPerience of the year for IH and OEHS professionals across the country. You’ll be exposed to the latest trends, needs, and research impacting worker health with experiential education sessions, networking opportunities with like-minded professionals, and the tools you need to solve your workplace challenges. This highly-rated event also offers a robust virtual experience for those that want to reap the benefits of conference without the travel. To learn more, visit

Berrak Sarikaya is a brand amplifier based out of Seattle, WA. Follow her on Twitter.


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