Conference App


Welcome to the AIHce EXP 2017 conference app. We’ve released a sleek, easier-to-use app this year so you can push a few buttons and be on your way to staying focused on what’s important for you at the conference.

Logging in is easy; if you downloaded the app through the notification that went out to all registrants, you’re already logged in! If you joined the app through the QR code below, or via Google Play or the Apple Store, you only need to log in using the registration information printed with your badge materials or as indicated on the recent email you received from registration.

Once you’re logged in, you won’t need to log in again! Plus, the app is available for use on compatible devices even when you can’t access Wi-Fi or your cellular service.

This year’s app features a comprehensive schedule that allows you to customize your own agenda; you can add multiple sessions to a single time period, helpful for when you’re unable to decide what to attend.

Download the app by going to the Apple or Google Play store and searching for "AIHce EXP 2017."

Search sessions via the master agenda, topic areas, or a number of tracks. The app’s comprehensive exhibitor database provides you with contact information and can even direct you through the Expo Hall right to their booth.

We've added a private messaging feature this year, due to the overwhelming demand from attendees. Note that both you and your contact will have to approve your connection before you can message each other. If you don't want to be messaged, just ignore the connection request(s).

To enhance your social and networking experience, there is a conference activity feed - also new this year! You can leave public messages to set up group gatherings, share valuable nuggets of insight or wisdom, and share about your personal EXPerience. (Note that the feed is text-based only and does not support images. It is also only accessible when you are logged into the app; the feed is not viewable outside of conference attendees.)

And if you have some downtime, don't forget about our conference game, CODENAME:IH, which is playable only through the app interface. Every correct answer or photo find is worth an entry for some great prizes!

There’s so much more the app can do for you; take a few moments and browse using its intuitive interface. And if you have any questions, feel free to catch an Engage or AIHA staff member at the AIHA booth in the Expo Hall, or at the Registration area. We're app genuises, and we want you to be one too!


NOTE: You will need to have iOS 8.0 or greater for your Apple device, or Android 4.4 or greater for your Android device in order to download the native app. If you do not have either of these versions, the link in the QR code below will automatically detect, convert, and download into your cache via your webmobile browser, which can then be accessed through a bookmark or shortcut that you set on your device. (If you clear your browser cache, the webmobile app will reload and you may need to login again.)